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Video production including concept, premise, synopses, scripting, shooting, editing and final audio mixes are all part of the Alain d Woolf Production client service. We pride ourselves in

'telling the story'

Corporate Profile
There is no better way of expressing the attributes and services of a company, than audio-visually. In this way the video presentation is refined over and over until the intended message to the viewer is exactly right, not too little, not too much.
In addition to vital information, the presentation is punctuated with music, and enhanced by well modulated narration. In this way the presentation is dramatic and dynamic. The perception the viewer has of the corporate/brand/product is then determined by how the video projects  this  image.

Procedures * Information * Training       on a DVD

Most business entities are structured along documented 'procedures'. It is now possible to record these procedures on a DVD and see to it that every relevant person or group has a copy. In this way any doubts can easily be cleared up with a quick review of the DVD. 

Personality Show reels
There is always someone who wants to 'see' something before booking an entertainer or speaker.
A 3 minute show reel reflecting content, suitability and style, enhance the opportunity of bookings.


DVD - SASOL Safety Compliance featuring 5 specialist speakers

DVD - OMNIA Safety Morning featuring Safety expert Jurgen Tietz.

"You're Famous Now" Candid Camera style full length feature movie released through Nu Metro

"Funny Face" - Candid Camera style full length feature movie released through Nu Metro

"Funny Stuff" - 20 Candid camera style inserts screened on Mnet

"A Day in the life of a Supplier" - In-house candid camera shot at the Norwood Hypermarket

Value Logistics - Corporate profile reflecting the wide range of services to the industry and the consumer

"Profurn" - Corporate Profile of Profurn at it's peak - That year Profurn won the best 'presentation' at the financial analysis Association Awards

"Metro Cash and Carry" - Corporate profile of Metro's spread through South Africa, Africa, China, Israel and Australia

"Comedy Comedy" - A monthly production of the comedy channel seen in 3 000 hotel rooms in South Africa

Our services include conversion of most standard formats to  VHS, SVHS, DVCAM, BETACAM SP and DVD



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