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Sleeping_girl_in_white-80Captivating, Funny and totally Entrancing
no Comedy . . . for the Corporate Event 

He articulately dispels fears and misconceptions and talks of the awesome power of the mind.

These are some of the antics performed by participants that Alain artfully beguiles in his riveting Hypno Comedy Show.



* Forgetting their name or where they live
* having x-ray vision
* being the fastest Irish tap dancer in the world
* swimming breaststroke through the audience! 
and many other * spontaneous funnies

The underlying theme to Alain’s Hypno Showing is to illustrate the power of the mind when concentrated, focused and passionate.

An exceptionally insightful aspect is when a subject is made to believe he or she has taken over the company and "fired" the CEO. The post hypnotic take-outs are high levels of confidence and self esteem.

The show is intertwined with music and comedy and his highly captive in that audience is enthralled with what their hypnotised colleagues are ‘doing’. Certainly the show is ‘different’.

Alain usually obliges the huge ‘after show’ curiosity with the audience crowding around, many wanting to have the experience of being hypnotised one on one.
“can you help me stop smoking?”, “can you help me lose weight?”, ”my husband snores!” are some of the requests and topics.

Alain’s Hypno Comedy works well in conjunction with conferences, seminars and after dinner entertainment with a strong message supporting the pillars of motivation and success


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