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3 Critical concepts of the Q Factor that will change your life forever!

1  The Q Factor is really simple to grasp!

2  The Q Factor can be passed on to yor family and friends.

3  The Q Factor is particularly valuable in your work place and with your clients

With immediate effect you can change your life forever!

You will find yourself going for win win results from day one and enjoy the feeling of self control.

IQ and EQ are measures of you. Since IQ is fixed, you don't have to bother with it and can concentrate on EQ. MQ is your own measure. MQ is what you gain and how you build on it.

IQ is your Intelligence quotient and EQ is your emotional quotient. A quotient is a result. Your EQ can be changed as quickly as you want. There is no 'learning'. All it is, is an understanding of yourself and how you deal with others and also how you deal with situations.

Your MQ is your own personal value of EQ.

The Q Factor was born out of an insatiable desire to inspire others to be 'cool', to be able to stretch their minds and consequent goals beyond what they believe to be their limits, so that they can benefit themselves, their teams and their families.

Emotional Intelligence has been around for a while. It gained worldwide prominence with the 1996 publication of Daniel Goldman’s number 1 bestseller EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Although it met with a certain amount of dissent, it certainly enlightened our way of thinking. E.I. or E.Q. [Emotional Quotient] has challenged the notion that IQ is the only way of evaluating a person’s ability. It is now evident that someone with a high Emotional Intelligence quotient fares better in the work place than someone with a high IQ.

Most people today have heard of E.Q. and there are many presentations on the subject. Alain d Woolf has a novel spin on E.Q. and advocates that not only should we all practise it, but that it should be part of more school curriculums. It is well documented that children who attend such schools fare better than their counterparts. Grades are higher and violence is down.

Certainly, the presentation is beneficial in the corporate world where tension is high and harmony is integral.

Alain’s 'The Q Factor' presentation examines the evolution of the human brain and how we think. The concept of Lateral thinking; Neuro Linguistic Programming; Our basic instinctive behaviour and E.Q., all form the 4 main pillars of Alain’s presentation.


  • Instinctive behaviour [Pressing buttons]
  • An alternative way of thinking
  • Clear communication - What we say is not necessarily what someone hears


Each pillar supports the final outcome.  An individual, who remains calm, has less stress and strives for winning solutions.

the Q Factor starts with yourself, and is then applied to those close to, then your friends, peers, work colleagues – bosses – strangers and so on.

It does need constant practice and will last forever.

The presentation is concluded with a short serious hypno coaching session that demonstrates the power of the mind.


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